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Pearl Sea


File Size : 578 mb

Graphics : Old style. Not eye-catching but pleasing. Will remind you of some classic rpgs . Goes well with the creepy, old , nightmare theme.[白眼]

Sound : Lovely eerie music.[開心]

Gameplay : Nothing new. Not exactly turn based, but weapon cool down based battles. Characters are automatically added during battles. It would be nice if we could coordinate with them.[發困]
Resource grinding required..at least for f2ps.
Till now only 3 modes available

Storyline : I am slightly disappointed. There is (from reading three different verses) the same depressing plot of the suffering of the characters. (I am not against sad stories but variety would do good: Personal opinion)[不滿]
There's no clear cut tales. Just snippets. Well since they are called verses one cannot expect much, but just two or three statements conveying the same meaning is demoralizing.

Gacha : Decent summon rates.
Decent gem drop rates [微笑]

Overall it's a good game

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Overhyped, a little bit disapointed.. The gameplay system is somewhat nice, 1 role only for you to play and the rest is decided by other player (support). And that guild colosseum PvP is somewhat nice. It makes you interact with other players. But it has a downside of PvP with 'rely heavily on gacha' game. The visual is simple but interesting, not overwhelmingly amazing.. but still nice. I like the character design. The story.. i'm not sure this game even has the storytelling component. It's just some monologue line.. and a few dialogue with the duo-puppet. This is the bad part. This game rely heavily on gacha. Just like other Japanese game. Yes, maybe in the future we can obtain more weapons. But for now, whoever goes for pure F2P, i'm not sure pure F2P would be able to enjoy this. I'm not sure what is this game main sellpoint.. is it the gameplay? PvP? gacha? storyline? Maybe the world setting? i don't know. for example (in my opinion): FGO main sellpoint is the story and illustration. Arknights in the gameplay. Azur Lane in the illustration. Girls' Frontline in the PTSD gameplay and story... <edit> However, you maybe found this game enjoyable. Because i did at early phase. As time flies, doing gacha if you're a job collector and colloseum(PvP) if you're competitive can hurt you enough. And all the points i mention that makes it kinda boring. "Hey, but it's Yoko Taro games!". Yes, but no. We will have a new Yoko Taro game and maybe it's better to invest your time in that game and leave this one(imo). </edit>

Tân Nguyễn


Overhype? Not so sure about that. The game have a unique dark story line with fragments of stories that you can find when you spend your time upgrade characters's class, and from the weapons itself And like Yoko Taro said: You don't need a full story, because you already know it so many time in your childhood, what you need here is the twisted parts of the story The art is good enough (and you will see somewhat better content later) The mechanism is simple to understand, and with the class system you can choose to play however you want, especially when go Colosseum with Guild member The gacha is not too bad, and from my F2P viewpoint, it maybe a bit grindy, but you can expect to get strong weapon and class Edit 1: For those who said "iT JuSt lIkE iDlE GaMe": ARE YOU EVEN TRYING??? Because when you reach certain stage with requirement CP >30K, things getting harder and you won't want to use Auto mode

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