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Tokyo Afterschool Summoners

Tokyo Afterschool Summoners

Tokyo Afterschool Summoners



There's a lot of things to list but here goes!

Graphics: Chibi models for the characters, in my honest opinion, would have been better than just character tiles once the players get into the actual gameplay. Even simple chibis would have done it. Kinda like what Fire Emblem Heroes did. It's hard to draw, I know, I'm an artist as well. The actual character art is amazing and unconventional for visual novels and even I've seen my fair share of various art styles. I can say that this game's art is unique in its own right.

Sound: The music scores are great but repetitive. If it's to save up on data and in-game assets, I understand. It would be unique if the characters who have the Special Quests (Friendship/Love/Date/Event Quests, etc.) had their own themesong upon appearing or unleashing their 4* or 5* variants in the visual novel section of the game. However, I love that the game has a built-in BGM player and that you can listen to the amazing OSTs whenever!

Gameplay: I love strategy games though it's pretty repetitive at times especially if you play this a lot with a few breaks in-between.

Storyline: The story is good so far (I'm only on chapter 6). The only thing that really needs improvement is the translation. I could read a little Japanese, however, I suppose the extra stories are well-written too based on the Special Quests I've tried.

Value: Gameplay wise, I advice to just breeze through it and get to the visual novel parts. I'd say mostly the illustrations, music, and storyline are what kept me to keep this game (I'm still new and been playing since March or April 2020). I'll definitely be sticking around for the art since I need to practice drawing varied body types to improve as an artist. I already have some favorite illustrators from this game too!

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wish if there was same version but third person game ( ^w^) or a bit naughty version heheheh otherwise it is amazing [開心]

Sean Wolf


Best game I had ever play :3 The character, the story, the voice acting, everything is absolutely fantastic! If there is more than 5 then I'll probably rate it a lot higher than just 5 >w>b

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