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Miku Collection

Miku Collection

初音ミクぐらふぃコレクション なぞの音楽すい星




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wHAT? This vocaloid fan haven't played this game even once??? Well, i'm glad to tell you that finally i played this game. I didn't play it earlier since i was hoping for en relase lol but uhhh anyway quick review! this game is basically just a collecting card game. You fight the enemies using the cards you've collected, and you need to watch out the best time to use your cards. Gacha is pretty good, but still.... 6 10x pulls, 4 Miku SSR+ and no Kaito SSR+ [大哭] The models are cute and creepy at the same time, also the clothes are great. i didn't expect to see Kyle Marlon's clothes for Kaito though lol the music.... uh.... idk, like, the one that made by the vocaloPs are dope as always, but the ost for the game (like the battle music) is average af If you like collecting cards this game is (probably) for you, but eH i'm really a big fan of it lol. STILL WAITING FOR A VOCALOID RHYTHM GAME CYPTON >:((




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