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Honkai Impact 3rd | Global

Honkai Impact 3rd | Global

Honkai Impact 3rd | Global



My first review on a game, yet, words cannot describe the joy of Honkai. Actually, they can, for the sake of this review. Honkai Impact 3rd is a joyride. I absolutely love it.

STORY : The story? You can see the natural progression of character development, and it can bring tears to your eyes. English translation is well done. Speaking from experience, I've cried more than once reading the story involved with the game that you can see. They also have a manga, which I have not touched yet.

GRAPHICS & SOUND : Graphics are beautiful for 3D/CGI, miHoYo have outdone themselves with this. In terms of audio, you'll recognize a few famous Japanese voices. I find the music okay, though. I usually tune it out.

GAMEPLAY : If you like real-time and interactive battles, then Honkai's gameplay is definitely for you. Each Valkyrja has her own playstyles, graphics, and roles. For example, Theresa's Celestial Hymn battlesuit is more suited for supporting your team, her ultimate skill draws in enemies and creates enough CC for you to utterly annihilate them with your more DPS-focused Valks, like Seele's Swallowtail Phantasm or Stygian Nymph suits. I will not lie about the grind, as to get your Valks to SSS rank, which is the highest rank you can get them, takes a lot of work. It's usually worth it. Most Valks and their weapons and stigmata are gacha, too, but even so, I believe the game is very F2P. Events are regular and are doable without the use of cash, just be sure to be active! [厲害]

Note: The HD assets and Standard assets can take up a lot of space, so please take caution with your phone's storage space when downloading the extra stuff! Other than that, I hope Honkai gives you a nice experience.

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You know. I really like this game. Hack n' Slash is one of my favorite genres so it's a no brainer that this delivers that fast pace action just right; not to mention there's so many lovely girls to choose from!!! My favorite is Mei~[色色][色色][色色] The Story itself is decent nothing spectacular but the models and gameplay are quite fascinating. each character feels unique to themselves and have multiple forms which allows you to utilize different styles of gameplay. So where the character roster seems small in actuality it's far larger due to the multiple variations of each individual character. Truly this game deserves praise for being incredibly fun and entertaining. I do personally think the summoning on this game is a bit lacking and while it is possible to summon for a character you mostly want fragments to built the new variation which can be a bit annoying when you don't pull the missing pieces. All in all. Try it out see if this game is for you!



well one of the coolest game i have ever played on mobile. everthing is so satisfying. +f2p friendly +tones of things to do. unless u r lvl.80 or so. +events are ok. not perfect. +character s are awesome. +graphic is so detailed and almost perfect. +better than genshin. +people at eu server are silent :D no one communicate with you. only offline help. armada/guild is actually no use. with or without it nothing really changes. +story is not bad but could've been so much better. well it's a mobile game so that's it +gameplay is well polished. mechanic is also very detailed and tactical. everything has a reason in this game. well that's it. i think. this game is the game you never forget.

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