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Engage Souls



처음에만 신기하고 나중가면 재미없음
게임평가:가위바위보라는 신선한시스템 이지만 잘살리지 못했다.

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An Airborne Cat


Engage Souls Aka Online RPS the Anime idol sim with Jojo refs. Size 1.76gb Final Rating 10 out of 5. The game I never knew I needed, but will more than likely be here till it dies. First off I've been playing a lot of shinymas, so this game feels pretty much like home to me. You can battle other players online at any given point, or tackle the idol sim story mode. Battle Others using the Characters you raised from the sim mode. Sim mode, Take part in a 4 phase storyline with the character you choose, and the rest of their team. This modes divided into 13 day phases, in which you will dedicate to raising your character to your prefered state, side events will occur and near the end you'll be pinned against other teams in a tournament style 5v5 gamemode. After all 4 phases are completed you will upgrade the base character for use in other modes. Other modes to release at later dates and times, for now you can street battle. to be continued below



it's . . okay . though there's not much else to this game at all. I don't see it have any room for growth outside of PVP

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