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Big Bad Monsters

Big Bad Monsters

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An Airborne Cat


The cutest game I'd suggest you bury and wait for a later date. BBM - Big Bad Monsters 2.12gb in size. 7 solos to start Play as silly monsters or cute girls to destroy towns! No, being honest here, the games pretty entertaining and stress relieving. Pros -Super Cute graphics -Fun to play -Controls pretty smoothly -Some Characters Obtained for free in story mode Cons -Gem rates abyssmal -Gacha rates pretty much normal (3% SSR) --Uses Dupes (*+x similar, 3* uses 3 3* of same character) to rank up characters. ---Lvling up characters seems to cost a fortune... -Seems like a game you either need to pay heavily, or suffer heavily. To me if the devs didn't feel like they were so extremely greedy, this game would be a solid pick up. I plan to keep it around playing casually to see if it ever improves.



Game seems fine, wrecking town in stages is fun. Need that gacha right away For starters this game is slightly similar to once I've seen before but haven't played yet so this is a first for me. Gold and Candies seems to be the ingame currency, just wish there's an english tutorial somewhere Ok update, so it seems you go raid your neighbors for gold and candies with a time limit, so base readjustment and defense is crucial so you get to keep some for yourself, I'm losing gold and candies even if i reached a defense of 10k already 0w0.

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