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NicoFlick - フリック入力リズムゲーム

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dominic Chin


Wow, I can't believe somebody still remember's Miku Flick. To anyone who isn't in the know, Miku Flick (and it's sequel, Miku Flick 0/2) is a rhythm game for the iOS. It's gameplay is really unique since it uses Japanese characters using the Japanese 12 key layout keyboard that you need to match, by indication of the title, by flicking. It is hard if you don't know the layout of the keyboard, but once you got used to it, it is a very fun experience. I wasn't able to play the original but I had the opportunity to play the sequel. It's free to download but I don't know if it's still available in the App Store. OK, back to main course. As I have said above, this game has drawn inspiration from Miku Flick, though the main difference, and it is quite evident with the game size, where Miku Flick has videos already preloaded in the game (total size: 900mb+), this game streams the videos. Really nice concept if you ask me. But the main downside is that you will needing an internet connection in order to play the game. As for the Japanese 12 key keyboard, you will have to download it separately since the game doesn't have it built in. I had Google Japanese keyboard already installed so I didn't have a problem there. Currently it only has 14 songs, of which I only know one (アカイト, Akaito) but hopefully the developer would continue and expand it. I am a big fan of the original iOS game and I was constantly looking for an equivalent of it back then for Android but I wasn't so lucky finding one. So for me this is something I am hoping the developer would continue.

Faisal Tafdhila


how to play this game.... the music not play

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