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First Love Story

First Love Story

First Love Story【otome・yaoi・yuri】otaku dating sim



Мило, помню давно в нее играла. Затягивает, но главы маленькие, но думаю можно потерпеть.

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I downloaded this so I can experience full blown yaoi like the perv I am but hey- I wanna be a boy okay!



Perfect, Superb, Amazing, and more praising [色色]. This game is soooo.. (I don't even know how to describe it [賣萌]), I really really really really love ittttt yeeeeee tho I just started playing yesterday and first chose Sou & Asahi 's route and yeeeeee kinkinikilig ako maygyudnesh [賣萌][賣萌][色色] But... is there a memory button? like were can I reread the routes story? Welp anyways keep up the great work [微笑][厲害]

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