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Crash Fever | Global

Crash Fever | Global

Crash Fever | Global

Kitsadit Sangsuriya


ระวังจะติดเกมนี้กันนะ สนุกมากเพลงเพราะครับ

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Mi juego favorito (para dispositivos móviles) Las mecánicas principales me parecen muy originales y acertadas, los personajes tienen buenos diseños y hay eventos constantemente :D Conseguir polygons a veces es un poco tedioso, pero aún así está bien >w



overall, the game is pretty good, the graphics are gorgeous (planty of waifus), the gameplay is kinda casual, making it very accessible to everyone, there are a lot of events and f2p characters that are easy to get. my biggest (and only) issue with the game is that they drop a new banner every week, and I know its how gatchas usually works but guys, let us f2pers some time to recover (also, every banner is in a form of a step up so saying "wait for step-ups" doesn't apply here). p.s- there is no actual story mode, just normal missions

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