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Shawn Fee


cool isometric rpg. nice designs for characters and stages.

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Final version : October 2022 Grand Chase (GC) is looks fun and unique at first, but i'm not gonna to recommend it because : + The graphic is one of the main charm of GC. Female characters are waifuable [鬼臉] ahem, let's get serious... - The developer (KOG) is extremely lazy. They don't care much with bug, typo, non-competitive cheater, also old game features and system improvement. - Poor game optimization and drain lots of phone battery. - Terrible story and full of poor writing. E.g. encounter random characters which suddenly come into fight, and some of them become as a playable character and feels forced to story. - Reuse asset, especially character arts and musics (musics are mostly from original GC PC game). - SR (technically SSR) playable character is just bunch of randoms with a little background story. Tho original GCPC characters are more likeable imo. - Non SR characters are useless, even if some are usable, it will be useless later, because KOG keep trying to make all SR character useful. - New character or a character which obtain a latest update is overpowered. - Powercreep meta, either for PvE or PvP. - Braindead gameplay, also character do auto attack whenever near the enemy. So, just bring meta teams or copying other players lineup, and press auto skill to win. - Very grindy, have a lot of contents, but lacking of skip or sweep feature. Even, event on GC is a slavery too. - Weekly content (Hell's Furnace) is stupid and time-consuming, also have a lot of rewards than monthly content (Berkas who?). - KOG is trying much to give proper hard content or event, but imo it's always failed and forgot if it's not suited for the gameplay, even some hard contents are not suited for players with bad eyesight or older eyes (maybe the game don't have a real tester). - Also, trying to give a big update, but make GC less unique and extra absurd, like suddenly released attribute system for GC and make it allowed to bring a same character (with a different class, known as T character, yep weird naming) into one party. - Boring and predictable in-game update. For now, it's all about T character. - GC is just a cash grab. Paid skins, package, and items everywhere (*cough* latest T character update). Also, there are daily (15x) ads on this game. - Only KR voices for T characters. - BP different with spender is keep going bigger and bigger for each main update. - Dead game, not much active players. Even, it's easy to enter top 1000 on every ranking board. - etc. Tl;dr GC is a cash grab, no fun, grindy game, and the dev don't care much with their players. ----- Extra, if you're looking for time-consuming or grindy RPG, i suggest to play a similar game which still have a lot of active players or more fun. For example : Granblue Fantasy, FGO, Arknights, Another Eden, etc.



Been a long time player of the original PC game so I had to try this mobile release and I have to say liked it a lot....I mainly play the game for its story and the familiar characters but the gameplay isnt that bad either in fact you can even say its great... The game is very generous in terms of events its a pretty f2p friendly game theres no reason to whale in the game in terms of progression there are some minor convinience that whales can get for a decent price but other microtransactions for resources are stupidly expensive and are relatively easy to actually just farm in game, most whales only buy the costumes... The worst thing about the game is that PVP is annoyingly frustrating(This time a terrible point system). Always has been for every KOG game... Its mainly a battle for who has the Highest BPs, still possible to cheese a lot of them with a lower BP but theres a limit to what you can beat with huge gap in BP.... I dont recommend mainly playing for this content Edit: The devs became really lazy and stopped adding proper content it's always the same SR Bingo event and the same grinding you do all day, PVP meta became super stale. I've stopped playing for a while now, it's funny because this is how all KOG games end up, starts really fun but ends up being just the same grindy game and terrible PVP, holds true for GrandChase PC, Elsword and even Kurtzpel who died on release. Hard to recommend starting this late, was a pretty good game at launch and a year but its practically dead now.

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