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Penguin Rits



The game looks great. The overall look of the game is definitely one of the best if not THE best for a CCG. The animations on the UI, and the cards makes the battles feel so active and impactful. The card art also looks amazing. Character design is definitely nothing to scoff at. While the 3D models arent exactly the best, they are good enough and doesnt change the fact that the AI partners (codemen) are all TOP TIER WAIFUS AND HUSBANDOS. [怪笑]


Oh my f*cking God the music for this game. 11/10. Every codeman gets a theme song of their own, and you can choose to have your codeman's theme as the battle theme. The game's worth playing just for the soundtrack alone. [開心]


Great story for each codeman, but the real story is meant to be enjoyed with thr anime and the game together. There is also lore on every card and it's all well written. You can piece together the story of the world where the characters from the cards come from by reading all the cards and that's just fun discovery.


This game is very much like Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone, or what I consider to be the closest, Shadowverse. The basic concepts are there, you have your monster cards and spells, you charge mana per turn to play your cards, and whoever gets the opponent to 0 life wins.

But this game puts in quite the twist on that basic formula where charging mana per turn isn't automatic like in hearthstone or shadowverse, instead you can place certain cards from your hand to your base (mana zone) which have their own effects and whatnot, making it more akin to an actual TCG like Magic already. And it doesnt end there, during your turn you can move cards in and/or out of your mana zone, at least once per turn (Twice if you're playing Chiron Force), this opens up a whole slew of strategies and resource management.

The game also includes an unprecedented level of interaction between players during the game thanks to the Flash Phase, where you're both able to interrupt each other's plays by using spell cards(or minion cards if they're able). This adds that layer of forward thinking strategy, and having to know what removals or outs your opponent might have before you do anything. Baiting those possible outs, and playing around them makes for a very active and engaging game.

Forces are like orbs that give you special effects in battle. While they are active your minions can't attack the oppoment directly upon summon(unless they have the charge keyword on their minions). Destroying them, and working to destroy them is a very big part of strategizing in the game.

As for the decks, we have separate colors like Magic, where the colors specialize on different strategies. -Red is your aggro OONGA BOONGA color. They have the Charge keyword that lets their minions attack the opponent's life directly after being summoned.
-Yellow is a balanced deck that specializes in bouncing cards back to the opponent's hand. They have the swoop keyword that lets them summon their minions during the flash phase.
-Blue is a control color that specializes in stalling games by sending the opponent's minions to their mana zone to disable them. They have the Infiltrate keyword that lets their minions attacks become unblockable by the opponent's minions.
-Purple is a control color that specializes in making use of the drop zone and on minion death effects. They have the Revenge keyword, that lets their minions kill whatever minion they battle regardless of battle power.
-Green is a balanced color that specializes in putting the opponent's minions and forces at rest, and is generally very tanky.
-White is a control color that specializes in wiping the opponent's board by different means. It has the most number of removals in the game.
-Black is your neutral color. It mostly contains tech cards for your other colors.


The card sets are always separately available which is great so you can pull on whichever one you need cards from. The rates are decent, and thwy give you plenty of currency to roll if you just keep playing.

Rerolling is easy, but you only roll from the cardpool of the first set. The target is to pull as many Legends amd rares to burn and build your ideal deck with.

There is also a card crafting system that lets you craft whatever card you need for a currency called spirit. That of which you can get by burning other cards you don't need or farming in the quest stages.


I know it may be disappointing to some that it launched globally on season 6. But really it's a good thing. We're in sync with JP. We have all their sets to reroll and build the meta decks from. And the game is still young overall. We havent really missed anything.

I can't stress enough how amazing this game is. For someone who's played alot of cardgames both tabletop, and on the phone, this truly is something. It truly feels like a fully fleshed out cardgame that isnt dumbed down for the phone (*cough* duel links *cough* vanguard *cough*).

The anime is also pretty good. It's ln their official YouTube channel, and it's on going currently only on 5 episodes. [微笑]

If you read all that, kudos to you. And I hope to see you in the ranked ladder. [開心]

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Itamie Sakome


Un bon jeu, les bandes son sont correcte, l'inspiration de hearstone se fait sentir malgrès quelque innovations comme le systéme de force. Pour l'instant c'est un bon jeu à voir ce qu'il deviendra par la suite.



Total File size : ~1.8 gb [不滿][不滿] Graphics , Sound is perfectly average score. [睡覺][睡覺] Even at max graphics setting , would only smoothen the AI model. It's not bad but also not good. As for sound, it's so so without anything that can get u to hype or play more. It's Yu-Gi-Oh pc sound bgm style. No story line , you just need to duel people and progress your account. GAMEPLAY !! [懵懂][懵懂] Okay this is the top you need to watch out. First , a set amount of booster will be given for free. Cards has many rarity starting from Legend to normal one. Again the rarity doesn't justify ur winning deck. As usual they have cost attached. To use legend card you need to set up the amount of mana you can offer equal to that card requirement. So in conclusion the deck still need a balance of normal card til legend card. Simple version is .. think of those legend card like Yu-Gi-Oh god card that need 3 sacrifice.[怪笑][怪笑] Card battle mechanism, at first glance it's complex... but Not !! It's just an improvised of vanguard card gameplay. Your AI has life point divided into 3 part.. The main body that determine winning or losing. It has certain life point by default on building deck. [可憐][可憐] The 2 side ORBs that gives buff or debuff depending on the effect. When this thing dies you can still play but minus the orb buff. [鬼臉][鬼臉] Mana Field : the amount of mana you can offer to summon your field monster. Monster Field : This is where monster that going to attack ur enemy reside. You can put the monster in monster field to mana field , vice versa. Value wise , from opening more than 20 booster pack , It's not that bad since legendary card drop quite often. Although there's some series you get unlucky , legend card is hard to summon early game anyways. Also you need to dedicate urself making a complete mono deck from the series or mix things up. So collecting gonna take a bit too much time. [汗顏][汗顏] This game already season 6 for english version ... ??? [發火][發火] tips for newbie : if you still confused just set ur deck on auto based on ur AI. Then match with other player run it on auto , you get few chance to make ur AI auto battle. Observe it , understand each of it moves , there's some hint during auto battle. [開心][開心]

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