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The Sparkling Queen

The Sparkling Queen


Pearl Sea


A pretty good game with potential, but the gameplay ruins it.
I am not stating that the gameplay is terrible, but it is the only ( and terrible loose link) that if improved would elevate the quality of the game by leaps and bounds.

Firstly, we do get choices to not register our phone nunumbers ( what's with Chinese games wanting to call us [賣萌]: joke OK. )

Second: Additional 50 mb download required

Third: The woman is bisexual thank god. [色色]

Fourth: Gets boring waiting for resources and upgrades. [發怒]

Honesty speaking, I used translators to play this game so I can't comment properly on the storyline ( translations suck... all good ones need money money money)
But... it was fine while I played. [開心]
P. S. Love Helix Waltz? You'll like this game

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Serene Toh


Quite boring. Deleted after trying for a few minutes. Graphics are good.

Mia Reading


it is so cool!

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