Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese

Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese

Idola Phantasy Star Saga | Japanese



The game in overall was pretty good, I like it so far! :D but the only thing I'm genuinely upset about this game is that...I WANT JASPER GDI I KEEP GETTING GIRLS (even after rerolling several times) AND THAT IS ANNOYING DA HELL OUTTA ME 😭😭 NOW I SHALL WAIT FOR ANY JASPER EVENT AND GRIND DA HELL OUTTA HIM 🤩

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Kevin Akins


After a long time of playing this game, when I compare it to other games, I feel Idola is asking a bit too much for pricing compared to it's rates. Gameplay is good for what it is. However it won't be full fun without throwing a lot of money or time into it. Since otherwise you get stuck with sub par characters with long cooldowns for minimal effects on targets or buffs. But once you stick around a while (you do not need to pay to have a good time in this game. Just be around) you'll eventually come across event characters generally set a 4 stars that you can max out and bring to your party and from there they can replace a 3 star until you get a 5 star with at least 1 dupe. Anything that doesn't start 3 star is generally decent. If you want to see story, you'll be forced to grind out events to level up or get materials to level up your characters. Otherwise by chapter 4 you'll be left behind by 10+ levels because exp rate is so bad. Very possible, but highly annoying when a boss does their special attack for the 3rd time and your healer is still on cooldown to heal again. But it's only a problem if you play just story otherwise I feel like if characters had more abilities it would be better. Since just 2 outside of attack and blast is kind of very lacking. The Idola battles are okay but I personally yawn when they come around, even in story as they feel forced and not all that entertaining. Their "pvp" content is you against what I assume is bots of made teams of other players. Which sounds easy on paper because all you'd have to do is let the game play itself and you'd know (if you have the character) said character would do when. The problem however comes to it not being very balanced. I carry a lv50 party as my main use. What am I to do when even on easy they let someone's team slip in with 4 lv80 5 star characters? My characters on 300ish attack to try and take out generally 2 very overpowered 450 to 500 defense like level 80's that can wipe my party on a single burst and it's not very fair or fun making pvp sometimes tedious and forced losses. I imagine once my team reaches lv80 overall that will stop. Since unlike a 50 to an 80, an 80 to an 100 is a better match. The only way to win in that case is the be lucky and hope the matched team is someone your team is strong against. Don't let anyone tell you this game is pay to win. When you throw money at Idola, yes you get stronger a lot faster and more of the good stuff and even some gifts during certain events. But as a free to play, there is nothing that game gives paid, that I couldn't get as a free to play. Just a lot slower. Overall: I think characters should have more attacks as just 2 per character is boring. Weapons and characters in banners should be separate. And rates could be a little better. There is only 1 4 star character I have that's duped out not from an event. If it's not Quna only 1 5 star out of 10 has a single dupe. Every single 3 star I have could of been fully maxed out about 2 times over. However weapons and souls are fine due to how often they drop out between missions, events, banners. There is even items you can use to level symbols without dupe. Pretty hard to get them, but obtainable. Idola is nowhere near as bad as these other games. Unlike dokkan or legends setting you up to lose within 10 seconds if you don't have the favorite units. Even if 3 stars aren't all that good, I'm 100% confident I can still take them on a hard quest and come out on top. And when you do events in Idola you really walk away with some things worthwhile, whether it be a new character, leveling items, souls, or weapons. Idola is worth the time, but if you think of spending, just remember what I said. You won't get your money's worth out of it, you'll get something, but you'll get those same things a bit slower by just playing the game. Like every other gacha, spend when you got spare money and really want to. Otherwise pass and save up for something that may come limited.



the game soo good it's dose not feel like fgo people talk about its completely different rewards good lot rolls music good as well English voice

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