Ensemble Stars!! Music | Japanese

Ensemble Stars!! Music | Japanese

Ensemble Stars!! Music | Japanese



es的cg还是一如既往的好看好看好看好看太好看了 画师们在es2也能看出进步了好多[開心] 曲子也超好听——[大哭][大哭][開心][開心][開心] 玩的音游比较少 个人觉得打击感还是挺不错的 打击特效也很好看 然后就是es2的3D mv 这个真的好棒呜呜呜每个mv都可以换小偶像跳舞 甚至换装 简直了 周年曲还是把谁放进队伍就是谁唱歌——!这个太绝了太绝了 mv不仅可以换自己cp跳舞 还可以看自己cp合唱呜呜呜呜(暴露x) 房间的qq人也超绝可爱!家具的特殊互动很棒 甚至小偶像的惯用手都有区别出来!根据性格不同也有不同的互动动作ww es2的生日蛋糕也很好看啊呜呜呜 总之好棒!不足之处大概是钻石获取太难了吧 没有每日任务 活动也很难肝…[可憐]

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This game is pure evil. Right now, it's extremely difficult to get gems, it takes way too many points to actually be able to get the event cards, and from what I've seen so far, why is it that 10 BP is the max? I'm hoping that's not the case, but if it is.. YIKES! But like... WHY AM I SO HOOKED TO ENSTARS I LITERALLY CAN'T THIS GAME SUCKS THE LIFE OUT OF YOU BUT YOU CAN'T HELP BUT COME BACK TO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AHHHHHH. YOUR WALLET? SNATCHED? YOUR WILL GO LIVE? GONE!!! BUT YOU KNOW WHAT!!? WHO DOESN'T LOVE DANCING ANIME BOYS? PLEASE RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN YOU LITERALLY CAN'T ESCAPE ENSTARS I WANT TO THROW ALL OF MY MONEY ON IT AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE MONEY SOMEBODY HELP Anyways, the gameplay improved tenfold in my opinion, the graphics are amazing, THE MUSIC! MWAH THE NEW UNITS ARE GOOOD, and of course the art is beautiful. The story is very intriguing, although some of the characters are somewhat questionable.. *COUGH* EICHI *COUGH* It's very similar to LL and iM@S with the gameplay aspect, and it's quite fun trying to FC the songs. I don't have much experience with the expert mode right now, but the hard difficulty is doable. PLEASE STAN VALKYRIE, RYUSEITAI, AND UNDEAD KAGEHIRA MIKA YOU OWN MY SOUL I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SON YOU'RE MY LITTLE BABY AND I WILL THROW MY ENTIRE WALLET AT YOU HE COULD LITERALLY STOMP ALL OVER ME AND I WOULD THANK HIM!!!!!!!!!!! VALKYRIE YOU OWN MEEEEEE YOU OWN ME!!!!!!!!!!!! KAKAKAKA SHU YOU AND YOUR STUPID LITTLE LAUGH MIGHT SHOW UP EVERY TIME I COMPLETE A LIVE EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE NOT MY CENTER BUT I APPRECIATE YOU AND CHIAKI!!#!!$!$+#-282)$?$! YOU'RE PERFECT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU'RE SO PRECIOUS AND I!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS BABY BOY Like.. So many of the boys are super duper loveable and there is literally no way you can like one boy IT'S JUST IMPOSSIBLE!#!!#! AND I'M A LITERAL!! LESBIAN???? Anywho.. You should play the game if you want to be STUCK IN ENSTARS HELL??? HELP ME



i don't even care that i can't purchase anything, or understand anything, nope. im just vibing with these funky little singing dudes. great game

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