Mr Love: Queen's Choice | English

Mr Love: Queen's Choice | English

Mr Love: Queen's Choice | English

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I feel like this version is being a little unfairly judged. I know the name changes are a little odd (they dont even resemble the original ones) but I got used to it fairly quickly. The English voices aren't half bad either. They got actual professionals from what I've seen. Of course, I wouldn't blame you for switching to the Japanese. There are a few errors in the translations here and there but overall I understood everything perfectly fine. I've been waiting for an English version for a long time and I was not disappointed. Not to mention the beautiful art! I really urge you to try it out. :)

Sherrice jackson


as someone who hasn't played the Chinese version I'm going to give my opinion on what it's like for the English version. there's an option to switch to the Japanese dub which is good because I wouldn't bother with the game otherwise. The 4 Japanese voice actors are fantastic as always (I could do a 40 page review on how great each of them are but no one wants that) which is why it's the only thing that I've given 5 stars. the story is one of the two major issues I have with the game. it's a typical storyline for otome games that I don't find appealing. I will say however that the main heroine isn't as much of an idiot as a lot of these other otome games. she can tell someone off if they are being rude. the story can be a bit cheesy at times and there are a few grammatical errors but that's expected with these translations. my other big issue is the gacha. 1800 gems for a guaranteed Sr but the problem is that getting to 1800 is difficult.

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