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Lineage 2M (19) | Korean

Lineage 2M (19) | Korean

Lineage 2M (19) | Korean

Gabriella Jaquryn Evelyn


here is the Lastest info you can read.. this post was updated on 24 January 2021..

1. the graphic is awesome, their performance is good right now.. there is no lag on my phone (asus ROG 2)

2. story was great

3. it has english translation right now...yes all of it... more likely 99% already in English

4. the animation has been smoother than first launch

5. the battle feel old and dull because it's redesign of lineage II pc

6. the drop rate gacha is better

7. still gender lock

8. no vpn needed

9. gacha game with character assignment, so you need to spend money or saving up the resources.. hoping that you'll get red grade character

10. pay to win is a bit extreme right now

11. the event was so so, nothing really make free to play player enjoy the game

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Это топ л2, кто ставит хуевые оценки тот чмо ебаное)

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