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TLDR: Korean Nexon is generally more generous and better than Global Nexon, and should stop getting mixed up with it.

I'll be quite honest with this review, for as much as I can be.

Now I was looking for a new game to play, since I got tired of playing one other game and I just needed to pick up an action game, before the release of SinoAlice's global server comes out. To be fair when I was looking at the page of this game, I didn't notice the developer, because the first thing I went to was the comments, just to check out on how screenshots of the game looks like. And then I checked the reviews, and oh my, once I saw the word "Nexon", I was a bit nervous and confused.

I understand that Nexon has made questionable moves with the SinoAlice Global server. But that does not mean that Korean Nexon, (in which this game is from), is the same bad company as Global Nexon. I can tell you for a fact that i've played a game from Global Nexon, which was an MMO called Elsword, however Elsword is also done by the company KOG, so that in itself could have been the cause for the terrible updates and inputs that Global Nexon and KOG put into that game, which is a major shame.

However, with COUNTER: SIDE, I can tell you that Korean Nexon is much more generous with their users and is very understanding, as well as a huge developer, that makes their Korean games all F2P, hence with Korean Elsword, because that game is also manufactored by Korean Nexon, and not at all KOG or Global Nexon.

From of the looks of this game,
I honestly give this a solid 4.5, as a huge plus for me, is when games download manually on the notifications center, without you having to be in the game to let it download, as I have a few problems with some games making it difficult for me to stay in the game screen as it downloads, making my phone either overheat, turn-off, or the game doesn't even download the full data in it (looking at you King's Raid.)

I also give the voice acting in this game to be quite good, as someone who has had a fair share of hearing Korean voices in other games, I do in fact like to hear Korean voices, just as much as i'm fine with hearing Japanese, Chinese, English, and any other language voices in games. This game from what I have heard is also very generous with their crystals, which is something that I would suspect from a game made by Korean Nexon.

I saw the gameplay for this as well, and I instantly fell in love with it. I love it when games have an RPG style of fighting or a manual style of fighting. I just hope that this game is also able to be in multi-window, as I like to listen to commentary videos while playing a game below it. I haven't read the story yet, but i'm hoping that it is promising, and either interesting, or at least the game could still have the story and I can just continue with the gameplay itself.

I'm going to be playing the game for the first time today, and I hope its a bit understandable that Nexon has different branches, that are not like Global Nexon at all. Korean Nexon is better than Global Nexon in general, as Global Nexon just shut down their games, want P2W games for more money (as Global Nexon are schemers.), and they honestly ruin games, because they know that the good parts that they put into their games were good in their betas, and then they ruin that nostalgia with the broken PVP systems, unfair gacha or droprates, and with them being waaaay too slow to fix a game from the start or to just keep its fair game as before.

In conclusion, Korean Nexon and Global Nexon should not be labeled as the same bad company. Its Global Nexon that should be labeled as the only and bad company, honestly. (#--)/ .

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Jones Boy


Nexon 😂😂😂😂

Yuwono Satryo Sunjoto


dont believe that f**king nexon haters lol.. this is nexon korea so u will get what u want..

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