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Starry Palette

Starry Palette




I feel like this game can do so much better than this. Artstyle, VA, the bg settings are great! But...PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE GAMEPLAY! Especially the taps timing, this game is by far the worse tbh. Been trying for hours to set the timing right and it just wouldn't work! :( This is still a new game so I'll wait for more updates on the gameplay.

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Mari Weiß Leroy


I LOVE MY BOYS SO MUCH I honestly am so fed up with idol games but this game is so simple yet so fresh in its own way that I can't help but play everyday even if I don't have anything to do in the game. It pains me to save for events. The generous rates (7,5% for the highest rarity!!!) are also what contributes to my love for it, I really feel fulfilled every time I pull.



Very good brand new rythm game! it got me addicted immediately 😂 very nice graphics,good songs and great casts too ^^ for me everything is good except that u have to get a duped card to "idolize" them but if ur luck is good with gacha's then u don't have to worry about it

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