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Red: Pride of Eden (CBT)

Red: Pride of Eden (CBT)





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BETA review(might change in final ver.). If you like beast girls, you will like this. Character development similar to any idol or RPG girls game. Gacha has small rate for SSR which is 2% while SR18% and R is 80%. Not great, but not really affect your progress in long run. SSR has animation Ultimate move and picture tho, so you might be tempted to get them. Graphic is quite nice, the girls is unique and very nice to look at. You wont disappointed. UI layout is good, wont get you confused. Voice and sound is great, some line is not voiced but storyline is pretty much all voiced. Gameplay quite nice, has story mode, hard mode, etc. At least you wont get bored grinding daily. Bug not really existence as far as i play it, just connection issue. Overall, a fun game about beast girl that you can play for longer period of time.

Mika Ripun


It's kinda like PriConne but seems more smooth and beautiful at some aspects, I made a quick video if someone is curious about the game and wants to watch or if you just wanna help my channel, I appreciate it! https://youtu.be/ugRRxTPZLcc

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