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miiya saki


for me this game is already great at start..because this game is all is about song and have a nice new storyline between old season show by rock from s1/s2 and new season show by rock mashumairesh make new collab story between them and show by rock have old ver. song game not so good like right now version...soo they have to put 1 by 1 band character from old ver. game to the new ver show by rock game right now..each update sometimes they put new song band character or new band for debut at new game.
about gacha i think no need to worry much even you guys no have get 6* card still can enjoy 5* or 4* card and this game have feature you can evolve the card using ( yellow, blue, red ) crystal but need certain lv to do that if im correct around lv30/40 you can evolve card like 4* card last evolve be 5* card and 5* card last evolve be 6* card so you guys no need worry about gacha because this game give chance for f2p for evolve the rarity card right now..that all from me [微笑][微笑] hope you enjoy and good luck

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this game has a lot to offer that most reviewers missed so here are some of their best features: - they're adding a new band every month - new songs on the weekly - catchy music from all kinds of genres - has music and bands based off real-life bands and artists (maximum the hormone, yabai t-shirts ya-san, marie ueda, clammbon, and lots more) - fully voiced stories - character design ranges extremely wide from how the myumons can literally be anything - animals, monsters, and even food - f2p friendly, easily earn melodisians from clearing song missions, reading stories and partaking events outside of the game, show by rock would occasionally hold livestreams and concerts for anyone who's a fan. it's overall a fun thing to get into. thanks for reading and don't forget to stan mashumairesh ❤❤❤



This game is chill and fun , but why won't you drop Miss Cyan or maybe even Selen and Daru Dayu . But and again ,this game is very fun to play and if you like rock , nekomimi or you're bisexual or smth .this game is a paradise . the vocals of the characters are filled with passion and everyone is very cute . Pls stan Arcareafact or just Selen himself . Stan Tsurezure too cuz Daru Dayu is a goddess and she can step on my degenerate face .

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