Alternative Girls 2 | Japanese

Alternative Girls 2 | Japanese

Alternative Girls 2 | Japanese

miiya saki


everything is cool and cute battle and story is great almost fine for me..
but GACHA system is bit hard if you not p2w players but dont worry is not mean your luck is zero if you guys f2p players still have hope if you guys patient more can get 4* card..
because this game have every new 4* card update sometimes have 10free draw or 1 each days draw that time you can hope to get new 4* card if lucky or another 4* [微笑] that all from me hope you guys can enjoys and good luck [開心]

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please make english version



Fair gacha rate, constant free stuff and a lot of costumes to collect is great! Also VR bath house and soon VR changing room, hmm... You can play this game comfortably on your PC by using AndApp, but you will unable to fully access VR function in trade of better graphic & more consistent framerate. SR chance: 4,5% for limited gacha - 3,0% for permanent gacha Each limited gacha give you free pulls, during special occasion such as character's birthday more free pulls will be given. There also special occassion where they let you to choose any card you want from pre-set pool, this will greatly help to enhance your collection.

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