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VGAME | Japanese

VGAME | Japanese

VGAME | Japanese

Shut-In AssWaAf


People Getting this game..Beware!!
Its not worth in the lomg run as you'll need 7gb for game space and 2-3gb of free space dor running it.

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Lucifer Kami


I won't compare this game with Honkai Impact 3rd because not everyone knows about it. This game is a hack 'n' slash MMORPG with counter (yellow mark) and dodge (red mark) technical, which sometimes make HP becomes pointless because you'll die after 4 - 5 hits. Have 3 different attributes so it's easy to remember. UI is customizable, love it. P/s: This game has ロリ, the main reason I stick to it haha...

Jack Frost


Uh... No. The whole game concept was developed by Nexon.. Enish was just the publisher and cooperating team with Nexon on this game project

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