Monster Hunter Explore | Japanese

Monster Hunter Explore | Japanese

Monster Hunter Explore | Japanese



I dont see how getting max leveled endgame gear at the beginning of the game is a plus, litterally just removed every spec of difficulty and reason to play it in the first place... Legit no reason to be faing for better gear... Which is like the key aspects of this game...

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Great if you love Monster Hunter, but made some questionable changes after the 3rd anniversary update. There is now gacha that only works with paid in game currency with better chances of better gear than non paid since the pools of items in non paid are filled with crap. Pretty grind heavy as well, just like your standard Monster Hunter game, but a bit more heavy. If you don't know Japanese, Google Translate app will be your best friend, and I recommend using this website for all the info you will need for this game, . Shows you what drops from what, and recommend gear, and some steps for first starting out, and lots more.

Facundo Lucas


Bad news. MH Explore JP announce his shutdown to the end of July this year.[大哭]

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