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22/7 Music Time

22/7 Music Time

22/7 Music Time



I just wanna say...sigh I hate the flick...the one i missed the most is damned flick. Not to mention Miu still have her feet injuries even after release... (The feet bend 360°}

Still, you can't blame me for giving it high rating, since its worth it.

Hope dev can fixed it up.

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Mark Lee


Basically BanG Dream. Same gameplay, same gatcha rates and the same ANNOYING FLICKS! My only gripe is the music volume is not loud enough even when set at max. I hope they increase the music volume just bit more since it's part of what I like about this game. Overall, It's a great game for those just starting in the rhythm game genre and for the veterans who wants to try a similar game but with different characters and song selections. Update: Looks like they improved the flick sensitivity. It's much easier to perform flicks now. I still hate flicks though[發怒]



Amazing game with: nice girls, nice art, nice songs, nice seiyuus, nice content, nice memes. Overall 10/10. Play it. Right now.

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