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Personally this game isn't way too bad, if they can remove the auto system of gameplay. I feel like those heroes running is unnecessary. (^^;; Or squareenix shuld add a skip button to skip all that... It would be great if I can interact with the boys in the rooms cause it's just sad, i want to interact with them(like tapping on the boys) and it's kind of a waste since there's so many good seiyuus in it😭For the gacha system...well, I'd tasted tons of saltiness frm other games so I can say that the rates are pretty shitty for this one... now for the recommendations.

Will I recommend it? If you're a lazy player, then sure you should try it (u'll probably get bored somehow in long run) if u want something more active and a game that has more features to interact with, then this game is probably not for you.

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Square Enix never learns. The only thing they improved are the bugs at launch, Gameplay is absolutely idiotic. You have the same tap system like in their previous games with a female audience as a target. They must think we're dumb af and just want to mindless tap the screen. The game gives a damn about your player input, you literally do nothing. Battle system is a joke, it's forced auto if you don't tap. Story isn't fully voiced so what's the point in having all these amazing seiyuus as a cast? Rates in gacha suck, you get 1 pull for the release of the game and I was one of the lucky ones to get qa SSR. The room feature is pointless the dudes just stand around and you can't even interact with them, at most you tap the robot to collect the points it refills for you. The premise of this game sounded so interesting, who doesn't want to raise heroes? Yet the game barely let's you do anything it's just extremely boring.

Sherrice jackson


I will never understand why Square Enix treats the female fanbase the way it does. I expected this to be some type of RPG with us having some input when it comes to fighting. Maybe choose who to attack with, use skills, etc. instead there's mindless tapping with no skip button (why?) and all we basically do is watch the guys pose and then attack the monster with no say in what order they attack (that is something we can skip.) there is one cute scene with the cat, but that's about it. there's a chat feature in which the guys talk to one another and you can read it but we don't get to say anything (why is the chat bubble even there?) and there's the guys at school hanging out but they don't talk or react when we tap on them. the story and graphics are decent enough but as others have pointed out it isn't fully voiced so I'm just trying to figure out why they even bothered with the voice actors. edit: after a year and some months it's finally ending. good. it lasted way too long to begin with.

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