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Touhou Lost Word | Japanese

Touhou Lost Word | Japanese

Touhou Lost Word | Japanese



Overall, I've gotta say, this is probably the most shameful game that has appeared in the TouHou Project game series. TouHou is supposed to be admired by its extremely hard levels. They are often challenging which acts as a charm towards the whole series but then this came... Gacha? You f*cking serious? TouHou changed from an impossible rhythm shooter style game into this? You can't be serious! There's no way that most of the people are okay with this. Although the voice acting and songs are amazing (TouHou, of course...) but nothing still compares to the play style of this game. I'm completely confused at how this game works (Simply choosing any usable option given, if it doesn't work then choose another skill) Probably why I gave up on this within minutes...

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Flandre Scarlet


Its nice to see a fan made touhou game. Here are sone good points about it: The BOSS music·Most of the boss music are from famous japanese bands like Cool&Create Lag:This game rarely lags.Even if you have such a bad internet,you can still play this game. Storyline:Storyline is rather interesting.From a few people to people from sdm,human village and many more. Bad points: Music:Too repetitive. Gameplay:The game is too grindy.Its like FGO(Fate grand order) Upgrades:In order to uograde to 5 stars,you may need to spend a whole week.Just like i said,it is very grindy. OVERALL This is a grindy game but the music and the storyline are rather good.The music is just the best.

farhan syarifuddin


i'm mostly going to answer some of the problem rn > Game is a lil bit too grindy and the auto is bad good news is they implemented full auto. it's so much better compared to before > Materials for rank up is hard to get All you need to do is to play available event and farm there, you can get tons of mats from playing event. usually event comes once/2 months (2-4 weeks event duration). event usually gives 1 or 2 free characters , shikigami (limit break/uncap material), and 1 free character summon > Game is too ez and not variative yeah right now it's not really that hard (keep in mind that lunatic event is easier than story lunatic), hopefully they will implement better boss and make healer and tanker more useful. at least we got new lunatic marisa boss and extra lunatic is a thing > VA is bad you can choose 3 VA options(yes you can choose it from character menu) for each character and 1 mute if you don't like any of them > music is repetitive sadly , yeah lol. the only good one is music from boss event. I'm mostly play for waifus, if you have a hard time getting certain girls. maybe save up your cubes (really ez to get, can get at least 3-9 cubes per day depends on luck from expedition) + 10 cubes from dailies and wait for rerun banner. I'm not a whale but not f2p either (spent $30 so far) but i already have 28 girls right now

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