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Ninja Shadow

Ninja Shadow

Ninja Shadow - otome game / dating sim #shall we

Ichi San


This game has over 20 routes to choose from. They're still updating routes- even today! The mini game in which you serve food to customers makes it a bit more easy to raise cash for any outfit challenges, as well.

The story is of a ninja from a small clan whose brother has been invited to join a group of vigilantes; but ends up dying along the way due to the actions of this crappy dude. Upset, his sister decides to join the group in his place in order to avenge her brother!

The soundtrack is STELLAR, characters are exciting and the story sometimes left me on tenterhooks but at times it was quite comedic and silly.

I played the route of Hades, a pretty edgy man with a scythe but I loved it. It's so unusual to experience a romance game with a man so obsessed with death and murder XDD

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I just love it! XD[怪笑][開心] Ninja Shadow was the third otome game from NTT Solmair (and also one of the first otome games in general) i have started. I probably now have this game about 3 years or so although there were times in didn't play it because... no real reason. [汗顏][懵懂]🤷‍♀️ But other than that, i just really love this game. The characters, the storyline, the events, the soundtrack, the character designs, etc. [怪笑][色色]( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)🤤🥵😂🙈

Alča Hlavinková


It's great game. I love the stories.

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