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Moe! Ninja Girls RPG: SHINOBI

Moe! Ninja Girls RPG: SHINOBI

Moe! Ninja Girls RPG: SHINOBI

Pearl Sea


Beautiful ! One of the first visual novels I played and loved. Now we have a RPG version.

Space: 403 MB without batch download ( loading times are terrible)

Storyline : Oppai! Casual, funny, typical dialogues.

Gameplay : Decently Fun .Turn based basic battles.

Sound: Amazing! Beautiful music

Graphics: Eye candy

Rates: Decent (No need to spend jewels thank god!)

Crafting: Tine waster, Ample resources required

There are lots of things to do even if it gets repetitive at times. The only minus point is that the don't size is tiny. Still.. .for all Hentai's it's a great game!

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Eu Fu Chai


Everything seems fine till you hit progression block. They should be giving more 3/4 outfit uncap material sources other than whaling/time gating instead of forcing the only way to progress in game with rng or using 1/2* outfit rarity. Because of this you will be on a full roadblock gating as f2p when you rely on your 3/4 outfits first to progress unless you lucksack or whale through. Anyway since the game is new I will just give it time to improve. Terrible progression gating though with how games like azur Lane is generous with their limit break uncap materials in comparison.

_RandomUser 1337


Moe Ninja Girls: Shinobi is a sequel of Moe Ninja Girls, and I think it is a very big step up from the original game! It takes the good (and sometimes bad) aspects from the original, takes some things from other traditional gacha/RPG games and a bit of originality and puts it all together in a unique and interesting way! [開心] (Note: this review is from the perspective of someone who doesn't play a lot of visual novel or gacha games, so you may want to take a few parts of the review with a grain of salt, also this is a wall of text. ) Graphics --------------- The art of MNG: S is eye candy! The artwork of the girls, especially the newer ones, are all very moe (The title doesn't lie) and appealing to men or women of culture! The backgrounds are also very nicely done. However, while I would say the graphics and artwork are one of the strongest points of MNG: S, it doesn't come without some nitpick-y points. All of the art of the girls from the first game are obviously re-used from the older game, but with higher quality, yet it is very noticeable that some of them didn't get the high quality treatment (Example: The MILF- uh, I mean Akari's Mother). Even then, the graphics are, without a doubt, amazing! 5/5, very much oppai. [厲害] Sound ---------- Wow, the sound for MNG: S is by all means, a massive step up! When I first loaded up MNG: S and heard an anime girl say "Moe Ninja Girls: RPG.", I was freaking out! Unlike the older MNG, this one has voice acting! Granted, it's not used a lot, but still, voice acting! The music for MNG: S is also a major improvement, I love it! The older MNG's music felt a bit too "Lovey Dovey" for me, so having new music feels like a fresh breath of new air. Buuuut, there is some sound effects I just don't like at all. The main offender here is the 'Whoa...' sound effect when a lewd moment takes place. Sure, it's funny, but it feels too... perverted? The lewdness is already a lot, but the wierd 'Whoa...' sound effect feels like too much and just kinda ruins it imo. But the voice acting and better music are definitely good things to have! 4/5, too much 'Whoa...' [汗顏] Gameplay ---------------- The gameplay is a huge change from the original, and in a good way! The original MNG had very bare bones and very tacked on gameplay, which was the Ninja Fight, where you choose a waifu with one of three elements (Fire, Ice and Lightning) and equip them with items that boost one of the three elements, and another element that wasn't very important. Then you would put them against another waifu and whoever had the stronger elements won. It was like Rock, Paper, Scissors but with ninja waifus. Now, though, the battle system has been completely revamped and reformed into a strategic, class based and turn based RPG. You pick a team of five waifus and an additional friend's waifu, equip them with weapons and items, then you send them into battle against standard enemies in chibi form, similar to other games in the gacha/RPG genre. You control the waifus and can use skills and ultimate skills as well to gain an upper hand on your opponents with buffs, debuffs or different attacks. While the battle system doesn't have much depth, it is still a massive and so much more better change to the very tacky gameplay of the old MNG, and it does keep the elemental system, that now functions similarly to Pokémon type advantages. You start off with all of the ninja waifus and can get more powerful outfits and equipment by crafting them with resources and a bit of patience. Just like the other segments, there are flaws and some tedious bits of the gameplay that other reviewers have pointed out, such as the wait time for crafting, the clothes shredding system (very lewd and nice ・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧ but long and tedious), and such, but my biggest gripe is the rampant difficulty spike that happens around midway of the first chapter, and probably will continue on throughout the future chapters, that and the occasional damage inconsistency. 3/5, a lot more tactical and interactive, but also a lot more tedious than the older game. [暈] There is also a change to the romance system, which I do like, but I preferred the older system. The older system was that every chapter there were two girls you could romance, or you could do neither. And depending on the choices you made, you raise the love meter of one or neither of them. Then at the end of the chapter you'd get a cute little two volume long part of you and your chosen waifu getting closer to each other, and a nice little picture for your album. Now the love meter is unique to every girl, and there is a love story that you can read through the 'Stories' panel that you can complete by filling out and levelling up the love meter, and if you complete the story you get a nice picture of the waifu you love. However, I do hate that pictures you can get throughout the main story are gone ;-;. 3/5, RIP main story pictures... [憋屈] Storyline -------------- The storyline of MNG: S is vastly different than the old MNG, and it keeps all the old waifus and mixes them in with new waifus, all as trope-y and cute as each other! ( ^_^ )/ They also took out the worst girl and replaced her (She was so bad I forgot her name), so hooray for that! The devs also did a great job at re-writing the story, which I give big props to them for doing, instead of just boxing in the new waifus into the old story! However, the writing doesn't take itself seriously, at all, just like the first story. It's very casual, which depending on the type of person playing, is a good or bad thing. Personally, I'm on the fence about it, on one hand, it's funny and very light hearted fun, with a lot of fourth wall breaking, jabs and references. However on the other hand, the writing can feel very all over the place. But don't let that distract you from the great selection of waifus! 3/5, Akari and Myu best girls, Oka 3rd best, fight me. Overall ------------ Overall, I loved the first MNG and I absolutely adore MNG: S. There are alot of good things that have been added and improved upon and it is such an improvement compared to the first! I would definitely recommend to people who enjoy lewd things, cute anime girls, visual novels or all three! [怪笑] 4/5, Gureto Dazeyo, Koitsu Wa. ・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧

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