Battle Divas: Slay Mecha | Global

Battle Divas: Slay Mecha | Global

Battle Divas: Slay Mecha | Global

Oratorio Game Hunter


It's simple ..
More like retro game in 2020. [微笑][微笑]

Yes this game is a tactical turn based rpg similar to disgaea / phantom brave / whatever associated with them.

Graphics.. well like i said disgaea ps2 should be good comparison. [為什麼][為什麼]

Sound.. it's your retro bgm. Megaman style maybe. Nothing complex with noisy voice. The best example would be commander yanmark bgm on megaman x6.. [白眼]

Gameplay... If you somewhat like disgaea then u gonna like this one !! It's nothing flashy but it's nothing complex either... so it's beginner friendly. [害羞][害羞]

No storyline. It's somewhat similar to epic 7. You get epic early game suddenly bamboozled with boss battle then return to zero point where everything begin. [懵懂][懵懂]

Value... hmm since this game also similar to e7 where u get free reroll 20 multi , you can see the result averagely.

This game has shard system. So prepare yourself. [可憐]
This game weapon is tied to certain character. The characters is already there. You need to collect weapon to upgrade the character star.. [鬼臉][鬼臉]

The rate is not bad but... The gacha pool is very convoluted.. [發困][發困]

Also equip has set bonus so they encourage u to get the set which is.. well since the pool contain too much item inside... getting certain one set would be ... [怪笑][怪笑]

Anyways it's not a bad game, but also not a good one.
Because 2020 and it still got stamina system and shard system. Would be glad if they divide the gacha into each set equip. [憋屈][憋屈]

You need to get weapon , armor , accesory... not just weapon !! [汗顏][汗顏]

ps.. it has arena.. [開心][開心]

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Pretty good game Give's you all character's for free if u get all the star's from each episode . enjoyable nice mechanic's a different gacha game .

Kay Ray


[開心] Nice artstyle and the free of gacha style is welcome. Not sure how much difference a f2p and a paying player will be at the end game. We will see soon enough. For now nice strategy game.

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