ZENONZARD | English (Beta Version)

ZENONZARD | English (Beta Version)

ZENONZARD-Beta Version

Shehbi IV


Currently, the game is in open beta test until May 19th and it looks very promising!

It's a new and different style card game and the AI is very interesting and they are no joke!

But since every card is available and there is no in app purchases at the moment, i wont be able to determine how the gacha rates will be and how expensive the premium currency gonna be when the game officially launches.

**Keep in mind the data will be wiped when the open beta ends, but this is an opportunity to test out many decks since you have all the cards and get a feeling for the game!

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Any reviews under 3 stars is the players fault, not the game. This is an amazing game. I have no complaints and this is by far the best beta i have ever played. It's 100% worth trying out. Also just a heads up, the tutorial is super long so make sure you have a lot of free time when you start playing it for the first time. Thankfully its a really clear tutorial.

Philip Mclean


I see the potential and i want the game to eventually run smoothly. Im really enjoying what i can of this game and im usually not that into playing card games all yhat much and this one makes me feel comfortable playing ranked matches

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