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Shehbi IV


I used to love this game, it had the whole package, fun gameplay, interesting story, lots of contents and cool soundtracks.

BUT i will not deny that it's really p2w heavy by the time you reach the endgame, plus it uses the infamous DUPE system..

Although i will still recommend that you give it a try and enjoy the unique gameplay and story!

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Been a long time player of the original PC game so I had to try this mobile release and I have to say liked it a lot....I mainly play the game for its story and the familiar characters but the gameplay isnt that bad either in fact you can even say its great... The game is very generous in terms of events its a pretty f2p friendly game theres no reason to whale in the game in terms of progression there are some minor convinience that whales can get for a decent price but other microtransactions for resources are stupidly expensive and are relatively easy to actually just farm in game, most whales only buy the costumes... The worst thing about the game is that PVP is annoyingly frustrating(This time a terrible point system). Always has been for every KOG game... Its mainly a battle for who has the Highest BPs, still possible to cheese a lot of them with a lower BP but theres a limit to what you can beat with huge gap in BP.... I dont recommend mainly playing for this content Edit: The devs became really lazy and stopped adding proper content it's always the same SR Bingo event and the same grinding you do all day, PVP meta became super stale. I've stopped playing for a while now, it's funny because this is how all KOG games end up, starts really fun but ends up being just the same grindy game and terrible PVP, holds true for GrandChase PC, Elsword and even Kurtzpel who died on release. Hard to recommend starting this late, was a pretty good game at launch and a year but its practically dead now.



semenjak update terbaru, sistem nya di ubah jadi gampang naikin charakter, limit break gak di persulit, gampang nyari bahan bahan item buat equipment, dll [開心] gua main di emulator biar bisa ditinggal AFK pas "Repeat Play", tapi kenapa dan kenapa, ini game stuck di login screen.. [大哭]

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