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KartRider Rush+ | Global

KartRider Rush+ | Global

KartRider Rush+ | Global

Đức Anh


global nhung phai dung vpn đăc san game han =))

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RedCrim Chan


1. best challenge mode + 2 great control when handling your cart +3. extremely skill base than other racing game 4. cute character + 5. similar to crash team racing in term if how chaos the game is. dont be fool by the cute looking characters and setting. the game is hard to master. and now all it need just make many new event, to make the game very popular.



A very amazing kart-game, it feels like Mario Kart, play like Mario Kart but with bunch of customization, you can play coop or compete with friends, many rewards are waiting to be collected, cars are all balanced and looking super cool! Try it of you like a Kart game, this is a hidden gem.

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