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Although the game has trashy rates in the gacha system, the game isn't as bad as you would of think. The 3d art is pretty meh its not really bad but not really good at the same time, usually when I see 3d characters in other games, they would be very sharp and very detailed, but what do you know, it's a game made in 2015 so obviously the artstyle would be pretty bad. The gameplay itself is plain and simple which gives me vibes of specific gacha games that isn't anime related, but has almost the same gameplay style as this game which was years ago. The storyline is skippable and nothing special, sometimes i would read the story if something interesting sctually happens but that's only at some point in the game. Now lets talk about the gacha (the point of every gacha game), the gacha rates are bad for specific characters whether they're limited or not (events, collabs etc.), i'll give you just a tiny tip on the gacha, always save ur gems for a specific character, or you coukd re-roll which takes like 10 minutes (if you have a good phone) I think everyone knows this, also I would recommend doing the step-ups unless there is a character that you want whether you want the Idavoll heroes or the Scion heroes, and if you ever get those shameful regular 3 star heroes, at least the devs made it easier to upgrade characters potentially at 6 star, the last time i've played this game was probably many months ago and it was kind of moderate to upgrade heroes to a 5 star which was the meta before, but ever since i've started playing the game again, i'd say they were pretty generous with the amount of soulstones you can collect, plus (prove me wrong if you can, i've only started a few days ago) the regular characters (well some) can be awakened which coul probably match up to the new meta characters (if i'm wrong) so that's an extra for the old characters. Overall a decent gane with a lot of stuff going in the menu screen and events that are currently going on (like the 5.5 aniv. event) and the 3d art most likely needs to be more fresh and new to the current gacha or anime games that are as well 3d (this review is long as hell and hopefully it makes sense and doesn't combust your brain).



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