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Libra of Precatus

Libra of Precatus




Finally working for me! Everyone is giving it 1 star before even playing it. [發困] [白眼] The server is kinda busy cuz all of us trying to download it at once and it was under maintenance for awhile, too.

Please wait for it if you really wanna play it. It wasn't working for me either and no you don't need VPN.

I love the character designs & visuals! [賣萌] and the gameplay is pretty fun! [開心]

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please stop giving rates before you play it. this game is awesome af. they are beautiful in both storylines and artworks. i come to love this game.



1st dont get fooled by 1 star review as most of them are due to rough launch which never updated. Gameplay wise it is nothing break through just a solid mobile jrpg. there is no balancing issue yet specially if we considering the generous drop rate. World building wise, the game decide to explore a unique setting. it remind me of ww1 combined with ww2 in steampunk setting. So you will find few scantly clad sorcerress but more soldier in uniform with gun, assault rifle and flintlock.... now that i think of it the setting is closer to valkrya chronicle. Graphic wise the game card graphic is beautifull it was well animated while they keep battle sprite simple Gacha wise it was the most generous drop rate i ever see in greedy mobage enviroment. With 7% drop rate on 4* base unit you bound to get plenty of them. in conclusion the game is still in early stage. there is no event yet and they can add more feature but overall valid game with great potential

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