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Grimms Notes Repage

Grimms Notes Repage

グリムノーツ Repage

Allen Yu


Well, game closing extended to June 17th and first time to play, hopefully will make offline after closure [微笑][微笑][微笑]

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gameplay was pretty good. the one that bothers me is that when you meet one of the characters (pull from gacha), they don't have a change of emotions which is kinda weird seeing their original looking face but they do give off their feelings when they are talking (I don't think you understand what I'm saying here). byfar it's a pretty fun game. add a language setting so I can change it to English cause I'm having troubs understanding where your suppose to edit your deck and some other stuff

Dragon Lex


its good i was looking for this kind of game for ages but i can't understand how to save my progress[大哭][大哭][憋屈][憋屈][哇噻][開心]

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