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El precio de todo es muy alto para los latinos, como siempre.
Yo sigo esperando sacar aunque sea una Cerebella ;-;

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самая пиздатая игра за всё время. ваши ябучие геншины и секаи с бандорями никогда не сравнятся с данным произведением искусства. играю полгода, 4 алмаза и один пыльнула. срочно требую инкогнито а так ставьте класс если сгм имба[微笑]



For a 2D Fighting game, SkullGirls Mobile (SGM) offers much to play around with and strategise over in contrast with traditional fighting games. Graphics-wise, the animation manages to deliver a rather smooth (and wild) moveset for the various characters. Each playable character's unique moveset calls for very crazed battles and at times, funny ones. The menu screens are neatly arranged and are quite easy to navigate. As for the audio aspects, jazz is one of the major influences. One character is even built around jazz! The background music adds to the experience of gameplay. It is great that most of the original game's music is ported over. Other than background music, the voice acting is praise-worthy. The cast names are available for view in-game; audio is changable between English and Japanese. Gameplay is a far cry from the previous ports of Skullgirls. On a mobile platform, strategic placement is one additional necessity. This game is no longer simply about combo memorisation. To further add, since the mobile game has role-playing game (RPG) elements (levelling up, unit-collecting, resource manipulation etc), playing becomes much more engaging than just tossing in random fighters. Grinding is expected but there are various opportunities to earn the virtual currency rather than spending actual money to obtain the in-game ones. Story-wise, there is a visual novel style aspect to the game. The story, while not extremely important, does give players some ideas as to the world within the original game. Enjoying it at least once is recommended for enhanced immersion into the game (especially since SGM is supposed to be set before the events of the original Skullgirls). To me, there is much to offer for a fighting RPG like SGM: 1. Ladies, gentlemen & other beings up for play. A collective cast each with their own stories in the mix. For a deeper appreciation of the lore: (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUGRP1q0a8Cv7V7atHEeHmvTtB3y2pXiB) 2. Ear candy available! Accessible on YouTube too at "Skullgirls (Mobile) OST" or (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGe28ESTbVQuVJoz_zu69jQtC2tvEJ7TF) 3. Deck building for those who enjoy trading card games & quite possibly finding a new waifu/husbando 4. Good portability for on-the-go gaming but expect high data & battery consumption. Steady WiFi recommended. While this is a derivative of the fighting genre, there will be some obstacles with learning the controls on a mobile device. Not an impossible goal, but a significant degree of practise for reflex speed is to be expected. Spam tapping does not work on a mobile device. Other points to note: - Any form of inappropriate behavior will be punished as seen fit by the game developers. Unlawful hacking included amongst other kinds of behaviour. - Breezing through the opening sequences is not recommended. - Forums are the go-to for community discussion. In-game links are provided & regulated by moderators. Additionally, consistent social media checks for announcements and updates are encouraged. - Gameplay settings can be tuned for attaining peak performance ie. preservation of data and battery. - Backing up data is possible across 4 platforms. -END-

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