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Dan Guy


In my opinion its the best game in WS series. Characters are very likable, grinding is fun when you see your efforts being rewarded, and mocamori is both op and adorable. Story is ok. Nothing outstanding but its nice to see when woman protagonist is written good. The only bad thing i can say that the game doesn't have fully developed romance option. Let me feel myself as a teenage girl, damn it

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I just got a grey screen afterthe first Act. Where the boy asks the father, mother and the witch to follow him. I had to play the entire game through the VirtualXposed to get past the grey screen. I'm using version 2.6 (the latest) and the problem is still not fixed.

diary silentis


Unfortunately i havent play series 1 and 2. But ive play 3 and 4, this game was so good, game like this was so rare and so hard to find. Im glad find and play it. I love everypart of this game art, story, gameplay, sound.

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