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FeeDog - Raising Puppies

FeeDog - Raising Puppies

FeeDog - Raising Puppies

melia nguyen


amazing sooooooooo speachless but has to talk ummmm the g-ames cute very cute i rate 10-10 the story kind of short but is very challenge-in it's great-perfect for free time so play it and, don't get tooooo adicted but just play it.

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This game is very simple and cute that it's really amazing how compelling this is. In terms of character variation, there's a several collectible characters that can be fused to the playable character which alters the pc's appearance. Graphics -it's pretty simple, nothing too distracting but it's pretty comfortable to look. Sounds -pretty simple and cute sound effects and soundtracks. Gameplay -you just have to tap when there's an inedible food so your dog can slap it away. Storyline -there's no evident dialogue so I can only guess. Dogs live in harmony in the world, and one of their favorite foods to eat is a star fruit (a literal star) that grows in a shrub. Then we have the ghosts, they were not pleased with the dogs' benefits (being lovable living creatures), they wanted the dogs to suffer so they took away all the star fruit and began haunting the dogs. That's when Lucky, our playable dog, comes in and saves the day by slapping the ghosts and their threats away.




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