Invincible: Guarding the Globe

Invincible: Guarding the Globe

Invincible: Guarding the Globe

Gavvar Game Hunter


If you are a fan get ready to be disappointed a lot


I wasn't expecting a good story or something wow but this is really bad
Drop rate is really bad
They dont give you any currency to pull any character's so i guess you either keep them to try to pull your favorite heroes or buy bundles
Bundles are not worth it
It's just a classic idle game, devs want all our money
Only thing a bit intresting is that you can refresh your pool of the character's that you can pull but still it's only for one hour not really worth
Animation's are mediocre at best

It's not salvageable at all way better games in the store

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Feels like a lazy cash grab but not surprised since Ubisoft is involved. Disappointed as an Invincible fan and as someone that likes idle games.

van dang ngo


1. Graphic setting basically doing nothing beside reduce between 30fps and 60fps and render resolution? Dudes didnt bother to remove some special effects from low setting to make game run smoother, whats the point of low graphic setting if its just high setting but with lower resolution? Ubisoft is making some jokes? 2. There's no system to reset character level like other AFK idle RPG games, this cause if I leveled some blue characters before getting purple, I will have no resources to leveling the purple later. 3. My team is currently 26k power, 4 purple + 1 blue. Immortal elite+, Eve, War Women, Red Rush, Rex all lv39. And I am stucking with main story where enemy team has only 17k power.

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