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Spinel Lomocso


Within my heart
The coldness of the night surrounds me
A silent voice
Reminds me fragile hope is fading
The shadow of a promise so far away
You said you'd always be there by my side
To light my way

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The graphics are pretty good; though that doesn't define the game here, so The music is amazing. I'm just gonna come out and say it The gameplay is a bit confusing, but it's easy to learn. The storyline is good, though it does have a bit of complexity especially if you've played the other games. As for value, I'm still not really sure what to put here so The game is free, with rewarded ads (but you don't have to watch them at all if you dont want coinz? Not sure) You can also buy a superstar pass, which gives you access to all 4 club passes and all event passes n things and that is worth it You get a couple of songs (more are still being added!) with each club pass, and each one also unlocks challenge mode for people who would like to challenge themselves. The game also is a bit grindy for story; but if you save edit you dont have to grind



Very interesting game with a little bit complicated gameplay, but this game seems to be permanently stuck on my mind 😋

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