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Shield Hero: RISE | Global

Shield Hero: RISE | Global

Shield Hero: RISE | Global

Gavvar Game Hunter


I was expecting it since it got announced but it didn't exactly meet my expectations

Graphic's are alright
Drop rate is decent enough that you can play as a f2p

The overall story is mediocre/main character too weak
Same gacha game all over again, there are better games 'out' there

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Requiem ForDream


Для тех у кого не запускается дальше заставки, смените язык в настройках телефона на Английский или же запускайте и сворачивайте игру в мини окно(на телефоне) запускает и с Русским языком, но тогда экран растягивается.. не очень комфортно играть.

Frederick Chavit


no L2D in story.. too bland and generic gameplay.. adapted story lines.. . this game won't last long.. too much Paywall.. characters need ridiculous number of dupes to make stronger.. 3☆epic characters only for whales.. using them would only disappoint you end game if F2P..

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