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Digital Realms: Virtual Cyber

Digital Realms: Virtual Cyber

Digital Realms: Virtual Cyber

Gavvar Game Hunter


It's just another digimon game that's mediocre at best .

Its 3D most digimon games are 2D in the phone
Music/Sounds are fine

There are so many digimon games released, which i think most of them if not all are just bad copy's of each other
I am starting to think that even playstation 1 games were better
Story is the same basic thing
Haven't played the game much because it crushes most of the time at loading or at selecting server
They have to many servers , i joined 729 in the 'launch' day

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It's a very fun game👍 w [微笑][微笑][微笑]

TMW Wei Wei


One of those digimon games that expects you to pay to become top but not bad even as a f2p. However as a f2p, there are limitations. You can only upgrade to a certain lvl for fishing unless you pay, you can only use special digi egg if you pay (despite earnable for a f2p), you need to be a certain lvl of VIP to create guild. Honestly, it's a somewhat chill game. Not bad amination and decent story play through. You can still be in ranking as long as you are consistent in playing and know what youre doing. but you will never be one of the top 3 unless everybody in the server are f2p 🤣🤣

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