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Soul Strike - Idle Action RPG

Soul Strike - Idle Action RPG

Soul Strike - Idle Action RPG



Soul Strike Gameplay | Android Ios

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Edit: Re-update for those who installed it already and re-install for those who uninstalled ~ Let's play !! I don't even know what to say. So, you want us to invest our time in a kind of game that constantly crashing even with good connection? Man, it's a good game you know. It's from Com2us but it gets frustrating with that kind of situation along with continuous upgrades where it only flick or lag for a sec and if the timing is right when you tap as you upgrade a skill, class, ally -- it'll continuously upgrades without stopping lol. It's not a problem if the materials is easy to farm for starters. 🤦‍♂️ So, oh please ~ optimized more along with bug fixes. Pretty please. I like the storyline -- please let me play in peace.



Another idle game that adds nothing to the genre in overall Pros Animation is alright i guess Cons Another bad idle game without a story Just missions to pass the time It's bland at best

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