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Gestalt Odin


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Dante' Cotton


Graphics are superb, but it's a SE game, so that's pretty much expected. The Active Time Battle (ATB) system has been run into the ground countless times, so unless I'm missing some hidden aspect of battles in this game, this is pretty mediocre. SE could have added something like a Timed-Hits (which has also been done before, but at least it's engaging) mechanic similar to the Shadow Hearts RPG series, to spice up combat. SE needs to step its game up a notch or two. The game needs more polish on combat mechanics. Also, why no VAs? This game's data size is enormous. I had to uninstall two other games to fit this one on my phone, so the fact there are no VAs even for the generic characters seems like an oversight. Tl;DR: The game has potential, but leaves a lot to be desired in the current game market.

Tzeo Arudaloo


to put it simply this game is like final fantasy grandmasters but not chibi if you like that game then this is for you. Create your own character with a voice, coordinate your own style of armor, choose from a vareity of jobs up to rank 3, transform into a ranger, use summoning mechanics to get the advantage, bring a buddy character AI. Use it all and butt heads or cooperate with fellow players in this mmorpg. Apparently there are crossover character 4star weapons which I wasn't aware but I went on to lvl30 with just a normal 4star weapon, you don't really need a crossover character unless thats the only reason you play this game.

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