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I think what threw me off it even after pulling some awesome units is that this game is a catastrophiclly arduous grind. You simply look at the numbers of hours that is required to build up one unit as a f2p player, times that by at least 5 for a full team, and it easily ends up needing 1000hr+. Now, factor in the bullies you will meet in the arena who spend real cash to bash your ass - prospects aren't good. When all's said and done and you finally put up a good fight against these whales albeit losing most games against them, a new meta breaking unit will be released and instantly invalidates your thousands of hours of hard work. Heres some advice: forego your cyber identity as whale food, work hard and earn yourself some real achievements in life instead.



This title is one worth checking out if you are a fan of tactical battles very closely representing Final Fantasy Tactics, or entirely representing Alchemist Code, it has everything in the works to be a fantastic title.....Then corporate greed swoops in and really sucks a lot of the game dry to make it be unfun. There is a lot to say on this matter too. Behold. The graphics, story and sound are all up there in my opinion of course, so it is beautiful to look at, the voices in any language you choose is amazing on top. This for a free to start title may be all you need if you just want to casually play and advance the story. As soon as you delve a little deeper into character progression and how to obtain new things, the game absolutely falls apart, to explain this imagine a smooth train ride along the mountains followed by the driver purposely derailing the train off the mountain while the majority of passengers still survive. You have characters, espers and artwork in this gacha pool. An esper comes with a unique artwork when you manage to get one. Now Dragalia Lost tried a similar system and it went horrendously they reworked the whole system, the fact this title thinks it is also ok shows how disconnected they are. On the same note, just getting one of the three aforementioned things above is not enough. Now you need shards, you can grind some shards minimally each day, you could try the normal summon that is free 3 times a day for maybe 1 shard of who you need, or you can ignore the gacha and buy shards in the shop for the same price as doing a gacha summon. The last point might sound good, but it is 600 shards to complete your character, it is 2000 currency for 40 shards. And you can farm 2 shards a day for that character on top. If you were to pull on the gacha and get a dupe of the character they would too give you 40 shards. This amount does change if someone is of lower rarity, but the general consensus is to not go all in on someone who is weaker. I've not even touched on the gambling aspect of equipment, to gear the character after a long haul of currency to get their shards, you need weapons and armour for your army. When you refine equipment that is, to level it up to be stronger. The stats you obtain are random. You may just get hp on your magic stave. You then also need to craft multiples of the same gear to eventually merge them together to increase the gear between +1-5. Which gives your piece of equipment a passive that gets stronger each + it has been given while also resetting the level to 0. There are items you can get that can increase the chance of your gear gaining the stats you want for it however, it is only a chance. And then you have the chocobo expeditions these give you items that you can feed to your espers to power them up, this is seemingly the most straightforward upgrade system in the game. However, all of these three things come together to make the game very time consuming at times, unfun to play outside of the mostly well written story or if you do not have friends for multiplayer. If you are a fan of very slow progression where the game is forcefully slowing you down with a plethora of grind, stamina system and bad item drop rates. This might be the game for you to stick with, however I find it much more reasonable to suggest people play this title casually and for something like the story.

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