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Bakuretsu Monster

Bakuretsu Monster


Machan Tiger


Nice game but control can be a bit hard. especially with pvp.

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COLOPL making a platform fighting game for mobile now!? And it's decent!? Yep, Bakuretsu Monster is actually pretty alright. The visuals looks pretty bland and boring, lacking originality... except for the Monsters themselves, they look great! The sound is also pretty meh, just your regular things getting beat up sound effects. There's voice acting, but only for the humanoid Monsters. Gameplay feels surprisingly nice, but the screen is sometimes unresponsive when trying to charge or even use skills, and dodging. The enemy AI is also really smart no matter what level they are, so it's very easy to die if you aren't in-tune with the game's control scheme. There is no story, just a world to waltz around in aimlessly and multiplayer to take on. You can spin the gacha for more Monsters with tickets you earn in-game or crystals you can purchase, with crystals offering additional stamp benefits. Overall, it's probably the best platform fighter designed for mobile so far, but still needs work.


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