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LYSSA: Goddess of Rage

LYSSA: Goddess of Rage

LYSSA: Goddess of Rage

Gavvar Game Hunter


It's salvageable but it needs a lot of work .

It's an alright game nothing special
I haven't seen that kind of battle system before , kinda nice for a change
Graphics are the strong point of the game and the combat system

There is no story just PVP and a leaderboard of league's
No grinding cyz the only way you can get boxes is by PVP to get mercenaries to lvl them up and etc
After 23-24 lvl is very hard
Battle pass cost's 25 euro which is way too much for any game and specially a new game , plus it's not that impressive
In general everything is overpriced an example {25 euros for a 'legendary' and 10k coins}

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Bruh the game is AI generated gameplay boring gems are fking expensive graphics is lame asf characters are garbage basically a cash grab I wouldn't be surprised if the game description is made with chatgpt



The art is nice to look at, but nothing groundbreaking about the gameplay. Plus the monitization is 1000% greedy.

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