Ensemble Stars!! Music | Japanese

Ensemble Stars!! Music | Japanese

Ensemble Stars!! Music | Japanese



I'm pretty new to this franchise so pls be nice with me xD

So i'd been playing it a week after release and I'm enjoying the game...A LOT. Loved the graphics, music, almost everything in the game coz it was a little different frm other rhythm games! :)

But I do have this issue, why does this game feels a little p2w? (especially during events) It was pretty hard to grind for the event & I was hoping I could rely on effort and the cards that I have alone but that doesnt seem to work. I feel that the requirement to grind for the 5* event cards are a bit absurb as the game just launched so I was actually hoping the devs could at least lower down the standards a little for few events and then rise it up after players have good cards on decks. I'd played quite a number of music rhythm idol games and by far, enstars is the hardest to grind for the event cards. :'(

Pls correct me if I'm wrong!


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