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Lovebrush Chronicles | Global

Lovebrush Chronicles | Global

Lovebrush Chronicles | Global

Pearl Sea


For those getting *slow connection* please use a VPN.

The graphics, voice acting and gameplay are excellent. The characters are beautifully portrayed and the mc definitely has her own will. She is talented and analytical.
The game interface is artistic, you can stare at the home screen for hours.

The storyline is based on a multiverse Till now we have two worlds, obe of them being disaster stricken. We keep traveling through worlds and time, trying to save the people. It is mostly depressing, with sweet moments with the mls. Choices matter, branching into different timelines.

Gacha rates are standard, raid isn't available but the auto battle is good. Resources provided are moderate. Stamina provide till now is satisfactory, replenishment time is a bit low.

Different game modes are also available like date, promotion, side stories, art, messages and school, but isn't time consuming.

Till now, it's the best otome I have ever played (and I have played loads). Definitely do try this.

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Ima kuro-bike


美しいゲーム ✨️ We would love global / English version 🥺🙏🏻



I like it so much, but I want to read this fabulous story so release English/Global version please ✨✨✨✨✨

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