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Dungeon Hunter 6

Dungeon Hunter 6

Dungeon Hunter 6



New concept "liutenant and partner" 😆

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Dungeon Hunter 6 - ARPG Gameplay Android iOS https://youtu.be/rXy-2QyIN0A

Mario Hamilway


The game combines the classical hack and slash RPG to the modern mobile MMO and gacha, in that you choose your character out of 5/6 classes, fight like you would a hack and slash, but you have a team of NPCs that you get from the gacha and upgrade (rank progression by feeding duplicates), and there's no world to explore, it's mostly dungeons. Some aspects I think are really cool (not sure how the feature is called, but I mounted an enemy at some point and controlled it for a while!), but others kind of make me wonder what I'm doing here. I think you can turn auto progression off, but by default the game plays itself, making you run from one quest point to another, sometimes even starting two automatic tasks at a time that interrupt each other. Then you end up in a dungeon stage without doing anything, and you can play manually, or you can do what the flashing button tells you and let the game do the combat as well for you. But you can choose to turn auto on or off, so in the end it's up to you. I wouldn't play for the story, though. Shop has good options for low spenders, but there's some manipulative of*ers of the "pay and get full refund", "spend just one premium currency" kind. They're not too much in your face though, and I recommend the 2 dollars first purchase at least. Also I don't know what's up with spending summoning currency for guild donations. I wanted to recommend the game to someone I know would like the genre, but I'm afraid the gacha monetization model is not for them. The Italian language is very rare to find in mobile games, and is much appreciated!

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